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School Improvement Team
The Executive consists of the Principal, Duncan Groves, Assistant Principals Tricia Rowley, Erika Boas, and Grade 11-12 Coordinator Katrina Rudolf, and Business Manager, Gail Reeves. SIP meets regularly to set strategic direction for the school in areas such as the School Plan and budget, professional learning, school policies, Senior and Middle School matters, communications, maintenance, and school activities.

The Leadership Team
The Leadership Team consists of the Executive and ASTs – Jill Alexander, Cameron Gluskie,Tim Hortle, Miriam MacGregor, Lillian Smith and Katrina Rudolf. Responsibilities relate to ensuring strategies are put in place to address school goals in each team in the organisation map, and to discuss and review school policies and activities and make recommendations to SIP.

Curriculum and Literacy and Numeracy Teams
Each Curriculum Area has a Curriculum Area Leader, CAL, who co-ordinates collaboration between team members to develop scope and sequence documents and learning sequences, and facilitates moderation of assessment, based on the Australian Curriculum. Miriam MacGregor leads the team of CALs. CALs meet regularly to discuss ways to improve in curriculum, teaching and learning and pedagogy. All teachers are members of at least one of these teams. Teams meet weekly for collaborative planning and professional learning. The Leaders of these teams are: English – Bree Everett, HASS – Wendy Frost, Health and Physical Education – Damien Martin, LOTE – Camellia Cseko, Mathematics – Megan Williamson, Science – Mel Morgan, Design Technologies – Georgie Roberts, Digital Technologies – Tim Hortle and The Arts – Cass Wilson. Students are supported to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes within the curriculum and teaching and learning program. There are also interventions in place provided by nominated teaching staff, to support targeted students. Bree Everett is a Literacy Coach for teachers and also has responsibility for Literacy, and Miriam MacGregor and Katrina Rudolf have responsibility for Literacy.

Middle and Senior School Teams
Students in Years 7 and 8 are in the Middle School with grade based Home Groups. Students in Years 9 and 10 are in the Senior School with grade based Home Groups and 3 combined 9/10 Home Groups in Big Picture, as well as some students assigned to ConnectED. The Home Group program focuses on wellbeing of students, positive behaviour support and the MyEducation/Work Studies curriculum. Erika Boas is Head of the Middle School, Tricia Rowley, Head of the Senior School and Big Picture and ConnectED. The Grade Co-ordinators are Tim Hortle - Year 7, Miriam MacGregor - Year 8, Cameron Gluskie - Year 9, Lillian Smith - Year 10, and Cameron Gluskie – Big Picture Year 9 and 10.

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